Griffons and other Dogs

Griffons are generally friendly little dogs and get on well with other breeds. They will be happy with small dogs of their own size and larger breeds as well.

However it is important to be aware that a Griffon is a small  dog and even when full grown it is not more than 5 kg in weight . Therefore a Griffon should never be left alone with a large breed dog when you are not there to supervise. Even if the large dog is friendly and does not intend to hurt the Griffon it could get excited and accidently jump on or bowl the Griffon over in its exuberance.

For example if someone comes to the door and both dogs rush to bark at the intruder, the Griffon could be easily trampled on if it is unable to get out of the way in time. The big dog will not intend to hurt the Griffon and may not even be aware that it has bowled the Griffon over but you may return home to find a Griffon with an injury 

So in summary while Griffons and large dogs can become every good friends you should never leave them alone together if you are at work all day in case the Griffon is accidently injured by the larger dog.

The following photos show Griffons with their  friends from other breeds.



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