Introducing The Club

We are a friendly club with members who work together to promote quality Griffon Bruxellois.

We have a members code of ethics and code of conduct and we aim to achieve the highest standards of  behaviour, sportsmanship and responsible ownership.


 The aims of the club are:

  • To promote the Griffon Bruxellois and Petit Brabancon breed.
  • To highlight the versatility of the breed as a loving and loyal pet, and a show and performance dog.
  • To promote good sportsmanship and good  fellowship among members at all times.
  • To show respect and courtesy to all members in an  atmosphere free of bullying and intimidation.
  • To support responsible and ethical breeding practices of Griffons.
  • To support and recommend testing of health issues relevant to Griffons based on genuine scientific research, both local and international.
  • To provide a rescue service for Griffons.
  • To promote friendship and social activities among all Griffon owners.
  • To educate Griffon owners about grooming, training and responsible ownership.
  • To work in partnership with other responsible Griffon Bruxellois Clubs of Australia and internationally for the betterment of the breed.



Jocelyn Croad 

John Sheppard

Executive and Committee 

President : Michelle Parker Brien

Vice President : Jannelle Tremenheere

Secretary: Marousa Polias [email protected]

Treasurer: Matt O Sullivan


Victoria Mercer - Events Coordinator 
Jillian Mathieson - Social Media/PR
Terri Odell
Ashleigh Barber

Show Committee 

Show Manager: Michelle Parker Brien / Marousa Polias
Show Secretary: Claire Parker-O'Sullivan
Trophy Manager: Sarah Peddy McGuirk 

Griffon Buyer Register

Sharyn Wood

Rescue officer 

Adam Tremenheere


Contact Details

Secretary: Marousa Polias - [email protected]

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