Proposed NSW Government Breeding Legislation

Proposed NSW Animal Breeding Legislation will Wipe out Ethical Hobby


This is how high quality ethical breeders raise pups- in the house in clean warm beds with 24/7 care and attention

Proposed Law will help puppy farmers          
The NSW Government has proposed legislation that will make it illegal to breed and raise a litter of Griffon Bruxellois in your home.
The law is supposed to stop puppy farmers. Instead it is so badly written that it will help the puppy farmers and stop ethical breeders.

All good breeders keep their mothers in the home and have litters in their home so that they can give the pups 24/7 care.

The new draft legislation will make that illegal. Instead anyone who even has one litter will be classed as a commercial breeder and will have to build concrete kennels and keep the mother and pups in them.
This law if it is passed will wipe out all the ethical breeders and make it easier for puppy farmers to mass produce pups.

And it will still allow them to sell these pups in pet shops!!!!

No good breeder will make their Griffon suffer by having litters outside in kennels. Griffons are hard enough to breed as it is without this.

If you have been waiting for a Griffon puppy from an ethical breeder then you may have to wait forever it this law comes in because no one will be able to breed.

The NSW Government did not bother to consult Dogs NSW when drawing up this draft legislation.

Dog NSW registered breeders have to go through a 12-18 month education course which includes exams and home inspections before they are even approved to become a registered ANKC breeder.
In addition Dogs NSW members have to follow a code of ethics that states that:

A Member shall breed only with the intent of maintaining and/or improving the standard of the Breed and the health, welfare and soundness of their dogs having regard to the following:-


(i) be being the holder of a financial ANKC Registered Prefix; and (10/17)


(ii) by striving to eliminate hereditary diseases within their dogs and their breed.


(iii) that the health, physical welfare and fitness for function of dogs is of prime importance, and


(iv) that a Member shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that dogs bred by them do not suffer from any disorder that impedes their sight, breathing or ability to move freely or which is otherwise detrimental to their comfort and wellbeing


The NSW Government was not aware of any of these requirements. They only consulted the rescue groups and animal rights people and automatically assumed that all breeders are commercial breeders.

Dogs NSW have issued the following statement

Proposed animal cruelty laws threaten the future of ethical dog breeding and ownership, Dogs NSW says

Dogs NSW, the peak body for all purebred dogs in New South Wales, is raising serious concerns over the proposed anti-puppy farm legislation, saying it is threatening the future of ethical dog breeding and ownership


A well cared for puppy, on soft fluffy dry bed with a heat pads for warmth and a contented mother. This mother and her baby are in the home.This is what high quality breeders do.


















This is what the NSW Govt wants breeders to have pups in - cold, concrete kennels where they only need to have a minimum of time and attention.

​Why should high quality breeders be forced to lower their standards like this??







I urge all NSW based members and Griffon lovers to contact their local member and strongly protets about this faulty legislation.

A sample letter is below


To The Local Member



As a responsible dog owner and dog lover, I would like to express my concern about the draft legislation regarding the breeding of dogs, that the NSW Government is considering implementing.

Like all dog lovers I am strongly opposed to large scale commercial dog breeding operations that mass produce puppies purely for money (or Puppy Farms).

However, it appears that your proposed legislation will actually enable these puppy farmers to breed dogs and wipe out the responsible small -scale hobby breeders who breed high quality pups.

I have a Griffon Bruxellois. This is a small dog that is difficult to breed. The breeder I bought my dog from is a dedicated breeder who loves their dogs.

The Country Griffon Bruxellois Club of NSW supports responsible breeding of these dogs

Members of this club are also members of Dogs NSW and the Australian Nation Kennel Council.

They breed to strict code of ethics, imposed not just by Dogs NSW but also by the Club itself.

Griffon breeders in this club only breed one or two litters a year, the puppies are born in the house and provided with 24/7 care. They are socialised, cuddled and handled by the breeder.
Before any breeding took place the breeder researched pedigrees to find the stud dog that would produce the healthiest and best possible quality pups. They travelled interstate or imported semen or dogs from overseas if required.
They studied pedigrees, they health tested breeding stock and they carefully planned the breeding.
The result is a happy, healthy puppy that is strong and sound and confident.

Because these breeders only breed for the love of the breed I know that I will get full support from them for the life of my dog and if for some reason I cannot keep my dog I know that the breeder will take it back or assist in finding a new home.
These breeders are the Rolls Royce of breeders.
If your legislation come in they will be wiped out. They will not whelp their pups in a concrete kennel block as your legislation demands. Griffons would not survive in such conditions and because they love their dogs they will not subject them to that.
I would like to compare breeders in this way- At the pinnacle you have the Rolls Royce breeders, at the bottom you have breeders who can be compared to a wooden go -cart with a wheel missing.

I can understand that you want to drag the wooden go cart breeders up to a 2nd hand Holden standard but at the same time you are also dragging the Rolls Royce breeders down to the 2nd hand Holden standards as well.

The draft legislation has several serious flaws.
1. It mistakenly assumes that all breeders are large mass scale breeders

2. It mistakenly assumes that all breeders only breed for profit

3. It does nothing to stop puppies being sold at pet shops

4. It does nothing to stop dishonest breeders from making up fake breed names and duping the public in to thinking that their cross bred dog has magical qualities

5. It does not acknowledge the high standards of ethics that Dogs NSW imposed on ANKC registered breeders

6. It does not distinguish between ANKC registered breeders and the puppy farmer breeders who breed under the phoney and invalid registration systems.

I assume that your draft legislation is intended to stop the cruel and inhumane practice of puppy factories.
I applaud the intent and I would like to abolish large scale commercial dog farming as well.

However, if the bill is introduced in its present form it will have the opposite affect- it will help and encourage commercial large -scale puppy factories and it will prevent the Rolls Royce breeders from operating.
I ask you to reconsider this draft and urge you to consult closely with DOGs NSW and get to know the high -quality breeders so that you are aware to the high standards they maintain.

I am a dog lover and I vote

Yours Sincerely

High quality breeders give the puppies lots of different experiences and socialisation so that they become well adjusted pets.

​Here is a baby Griffon of 4 weeks, exploring the kitchen, chewing on a pair of jeans and being carefully watched by his mother.

​Puppies in kennels will never get this experience












More pups from Rolls Royce breeders-note the clean soft bed, the healthy, alert pups of 3 weeks of age












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