Dog Lovers Show 2016

The Dog Lovers Show 2016

Our club had a Breed Stand at The Dog Lovers Show  in Sydney on 6th and 7th August.

As usual the Griffons were very popular - how could you not love a Griffon? - and the teams on both days were kept very busy.

Our thanks to all the members who gave came along to help man the stand.

On Saturday we had Ros and Dave Finch, Sharyn Wood, Sheena Jackson, and Leearne Hill

On Sunday we had Jannelle Tremenheere, Raewyn and Makaydee Squires, Ashleigh Barber, Jason Newell, Tammie Cheng, Michelle Parker Brien, Holly Quinn Parsons, Nicola Mclean and Barry Lorne Freedman

The Griffons, of course, loved the attention and their tails were still wagging at the end of each long day.

Some of our star struck members were also excited to meet some local TV celebrities.

We were able to introduce some many members of the public to the Griffons and also give them advice about ethical breeders as opposed to commercial breeders

They were long and tiring days but great fun for everyone

iWe hope you enjoy our Photo Album of each day
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